Cabarlah Markets

  • Here you can find it on a Google map. The grounds are to the west(left) of the Farmers Arms Hotel.
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    Happy Shoppers at Cabarlah Markets
    • There is a ATM on site hours of operation are 7:30am until at least 12:30pm. Come early and have breakfast with us.
    • Food: Al's Burgers, and the Burger Barn both sell hot food. We also have a Chip van, and the Theme Cafe sells Coffee, Devonshire teas, Sandwiches and so forth. We have enough food outlets to satisfy your hunger.
    • Types of goods available include Arts, Crafts, Trash & treasure, Furniture, Tools, Pet Accessories, Glassware, Fruit & Vegies, Plants, and a veritable cornucopia of other items...
    • Sorry for the inconvenience, but as a result of Food and Health regulations, and out of respect for the close proximity of other shoppers, it is requested that you leave your dog at home.

    Stall Holders...

    • Book or cancel online with the form below (Perferred method) you will receive a Confirmation email, if you don't or not sure ring 0490 012 999 to confirm. If you are to late to book just turn up on the market day between 5.30 am and 7.30am and we will have a site.
    • Onsite ATM and over 300 sites available. .
    • All sites are 4 metres wide by at least 4 metres deep and are $15 each.
    • Tables are available for hire ($5) and if required reserve one while booking your site.
    • Entry for stall setup is from 5:30am to 7:30am on Sunday Morning. Entry on Sunday Morning is off Shostaki Road. (Although you may setup on Saturday afternoon and stay the night)
    • No vehicle movement is permitted in the market area between 7:30am and 12:30pm.
    • A few Stallies at Cabarlah Markets Generally casual stall holders may use any site not occupied by 7:30. Which means that if you have booked a site, then it is wise to arrive before 7:30am or ring 0490 012 999 to let us know!
    • We generally do have cancellations, so casuals should arrive well before 7:30, as we will more than likely be able to find a site for you, before the 7:30 deadline mentioned above.
    • Overnight camping is permitted prior to the market, and shower facilities are available.a small fee of $5 is charged for power if needed.
    • Stall Holders who bring animals must ensure that they are restrained, and kept on your site.
    • While we thank you for your interest, Coffee, Ice Cream, and similar Hot & Cold food and drink vendors need not apply.
    • Here is our (one page) list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Use this Form to make a booking?

    We are currently taking bookings for the next market, which is next month, on Sunday 27 January 2019
    You can make a booking right now for the upcoming market, using the form below (preferred method) or...telephone 0490 012 999 to leave your details. The answering machine operates 7.00am to 8.00pm daily, and is only checked by volunteers when someone is available. Should you book online/below please don't also book by phone.
    Book online, and you will get a CONFIRMATION EMAIL but if you do not receive one ring 0490 012 999 to confirm. Formal bookings are taken until noon on Friday before Market Day.
    Even if you don't make a booking, still come along on Sunday morning (05:30 to 07:30), as we are sure to find a site for you.

    Please enter your name:

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    Your confirmation is sent to this address. Make sure that it's accurate.
    We'll get the booking anyway, but you may not get the confirmation.

    Please enter your phone number:

    How many sites do you require? ($15 each)
    How many tables do you require? ($5 each)
    What type of goods or services do you provide?:

    When you make a booking, you are making a commitment to participate.
    We look forward to seeing you next month, on Sunday 27 January 2019
      Remember to let us know if you can't make it.

    Cabarlah Hall...

    The Cabarlah Sports and Festival Committee Inc. is also responsible for the Hire, care and maintenance of the Cabarlah Hall. The Hall ..
    • can seat over 120, although
    • max of 280 on the premises,
    • has a stage,
    • has a comprehensive kitchen, and
    • has a bar
    and is available for hire for
    • birthday parties,
    • wedding receptions,
    • dinner - dances
    • camping reunions
    • and whatever
    For those wishing to stay the Saturday, camping is permitted, and shower facilities are available.Ring 0490 012 999 and leave a message in the 'Questions - Suggestions' box below...

    The next market is next month, on Sunday 27 January 2019
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    February 2019

    Do you have a Question, or a Suggestion?

    use the online form (perferred method) or ring 0490 012 999 and is checked by volunteers, when someone is available.

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    as mentioned elsewhere, use the online form (perferred method) and you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL if not ring 0490 012 999 to confirm
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